On the outside, adults look calm and ordinary, but what are they really like on the inside? Why do they take walks, why do they love coffee so much, and why don’t they cry when they hurt themselves? 

The performance is based on the book Dom som kallas vuxna by Annica Hedin and Hanna Klinthage. The humorous monologue portrays a person who, although now adult, is still fascinated by how difficult it is to crack the adult code; how and why do adults do what they do? At a closer look, perhaps adults aren’t too different from children after all… 

Welcome to an amusing performance for the whole family!

The show length is about 20 minutes. 

Pre-book tickets  

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By: Annica Hedin och Hanna Klinthage
Cast: David Krafft
Stage adaptation: Mikael Kallin, David Krafft
Direction: Mikael Kallin
Sound engineering: Johan Arrhenius, Joakim Alfvén, Scott Isitt, Vera Pettersson

Dom som kallas vuxna

Venue: Teaterladan, ground floor

Premieres on December 21

About Dom som kallas vuxna

Most likely you know some adults, they’re big and know just about everything. They know how to speak French and use a chainsaw, and they can cook pancakes without breaking them. Adults can untangle thick tangles from your hair and make you feel better when you cry. In so many ways, adults are great. But they can be difficult to understand sometimes.

Dom som kallas vuxna