What measures have you introduced to reduce the spread of infection?

You can find information on all of our measures here.

What are you doing to prevent overcrowding?

We are accepting much fewer visitors than normal and we have introduced prebooked entry times. You can prebook your ticket here. We have reduced capacity in our restaurants and increased the distance between tables. We have also put in distance markers throughout the building in order to help you and other visitors to keep your distance from one another.

How will you respond if a visitor displays symptoms?

In the interest of protecting our visitors and staff from infection, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any visitors displaying symptoms of COVID-19. 


How do the performances work?

The Junibacken ensemble puts on several performances each day. Performances last for approximately 20 minutes. Audience numbers are limited to a maximum of 50 people per performance under the current restrictions. You may prebook your tickets before your visit to be sure to get a seat.

At what times/where are the theatre performances?

The day’s performance timetable is shown on screens around the museum and on our calendar here on the website.


Do I have to book a ticket in advance?

As we are currently accepting fewer visitors than normal, we recommend that you prebook your entry time. You will be guaranteed entry at the time you select and for up to half an hour thereafter. Your ticket will still be valid after that time but entrance will be subject to available space inside the park.

Why am I unable to book tickets further ahead in time?

We may still need to adjust our opening hours and it is therefore not possible to book tickets further ahead in time. We release tickets for new dates approximately 14 days in advance.

What if I want to cancel or rebook my ticket?

You can cancel your ticket or your annual pass and receive a full refund within 14 days from your purchase. You can rebook at any time. To manage your purchase, click on the ‘manage my purchase’ button in your confirmation email.

How much are the tickets?

The admission fees for 2020 and all info about prices (such as annual membership and group discounts) are available here.The admission fee includes entry to Junibacken, all theatre performances of the day as well as a ride on the Story Train.

Indoors and outdoors

What do I do if it rains – can I still visit Junibacken?

As nearly all of Junibacken’s attractions are indoors, it’s absolutely fine to come here when the weather outside is bad!

And when it’s hot, is there air conditioning?

Yes, we have air conditioning.

Is there anything to do out of doors?

Junibacken’s own garden is a place where you can cool off after intensive play in the exhibitions or simply take a break outdoors.

Do you have to take off outerwear?

When you’re indoors, it’s sensible to take off your coat, but keep your shoes on to avoid splinters and cold feet. Do come wearing comfortable, hard-wearing clothes – Junibacken is designed for play and adventure!


Can I take my pushchair in?

Unfortunately, we can’t have pushchairs indoors for fire safety reasons. You can lock up the pushchair outside the entrance instead. If you don’t have a pushchair lock of your own, you can buy one at our entrance desk. At the desk you can also hire a baby front carrier if you leave your identity card as a deposit.

Food and drink

Can we buy anything to eat and drink on the spot?

Junibacken’s restaurant is open nearly all day and serves everything from carrot cake to meat balls and vegetarian dishes.

Can we take a packed lunch with us and eat it at Junibacken?

Junibacken doesn’t have any space of its own where you can eat a packed lunch you’ve brought with you, but if you want to have a picnic in the Galärparken, you can, of course, come back in again afterwards.

The story train

Is the story train Scary?

Some children may experience certain scenes as rather scary. For instance, you’ll meet the feisty mouse at Simon Small’s, the dragon Katla at the Brothers Lionheart’s, and there’s thunder and lightning in Robberland.

Is the journey on the Story Train included in the ticket price?

Yes, one ride is included in the ticket price.

When and how often does the Story Train run?

The Story Train is open from 10.00 and always closes 15 minutes before Junibacken closes for the day. When the Story Train is open, you just have to show your train ticket to the train attendant and you’ll be let on. On days when we have a lot of visitors, you may be allocated a particular time when you can start to queue for the train.

What languages has the Story Train been translated into?

The Story Train has been translated into 15 different languages. On your journey you can choose to listen to English, Finnish, Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Estonian, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian or Polish. If you choose Swedish, you’ll hear Astrid Lindgren herself talking.

Have you been allocated a time on your ticket for the Story Train?

In order to avoid long queues, we sometimes allocate fixed times for the Story Train. If you have been given a ticket with a time on it, it tells you the earliest time you can join the queue. Up till then, you are most welcome to explore the rest of the building!


Can I go on the Storybook Train with a wheelchair?

Yes, you can, but to meet evacuation requirements we can only allow one wheelchair user at a time to take the Storybook Train. This applies irrespective of whether you take the train sitting in your wheelchair or otherwise. The train journey takes approximately 15 mins.

How is Junibacken adapted for wheelchair users generally?

We obviously have disabled access toilets and lifts that are adapted for wheelchair users to make their way between different floors. Our play exhibitions have a number of settings that are adapted for wheelchair users. The area in front of the little stage on the upper floor has plenty of space for wheelchairs. It’s a little more cramped in front of the theatre stage on the lower floor, but our staff will be pleased to sort out a place for you. If you notify the staff at the entrance desk when you arrive, we’ll be pleased to help.

How is Junibacken adapted for other disability challenges?

Junibacken is accredited as providing good disabled access by “Tourism for everyone”, an organisation that provides people with disability with detailed information about travel and tourist destinations across the whole of Europe.

The bookshop

Can I go in and shop in the bookshop without having an admission ticket?

Of course. You go in via the main entrance to Junibacken.

Other questions

Can I pay in cash?

In order to minimise the spread of infection, Junibacken will only offer payment by card.

Are there storage lockers available?

Yes there are.

How long does a visit to Junibacken take?

A family will spend two hours at Junibacken on average, but you can stay as long as you like, of course! To have time to have a good play and perhaps take a food break, it is worth reckoning on spending at least three hours here.

Can we leave Junibacken and come back later in the day?

Of course. Just show your ticket at the desk when you come back.

How old do I have to be to be able to go into Junibacken on my own?

You have to be 15 years old to go into Junibacken without an adult for company. You also need to be 15 years old to be able to take the Storybook Train on your own.