Today 29/11

Open: 10-17

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Eeemil – Snickerboa hopp fallera
Exhibitions For the whole family

Emil has moved into Junibacken. Step into Snickerboa, a new world of fun!

Aja baja at Junibacken!
Exhibitions For the whole family

Here’s your chance to play in the true spirit of Alfie Atkins! Imagination knows no bounds and time melts away in our new exhibition Aja baja at Junibacken. Welcome!

Come and have fun in Moomin’s play valley!
Exhibitions For the whole family

Enjoy the ocean view as young and old have fun together and get to experience the Moomin books for the first time, or all over again!

The Story Train
Exhibitions 1-99 years

Get on the Story Train and hear about Madicken, Emil and the others. Fabulous, exciting and a little sad – exactly as it should be.

The Letter Bakery
Theater 2-6 years

Children's theatre about the alphabet for young children.