Going to the theatre can be a magical experience.

Going to the theatre can be a magical experience. Exciting, imaginative and fantastic. Fairy-tale, poetry and reality all at the same time. But it can also feel a bit scary too. Different and unexpected. Particularly if you haven’t been before.

For many people in the audience, our performances are their first time at the theatre. We want to deliver an experience that inspires them and makes them want to see more. And one that gives them a sense of belonging. Getting to sit there and feel included. Understanding what it’s like to be a child – or an adult. What it’s like to live together. Seeing yourself in someone else.

So hold hands and jump into the fantastic world of theatre. It’s time to experience an adventure together! We hope you have as much fun as we do.

From book to stage and back again

Junibacken’s main aim is to encourage a desire to read. The theatre plays a key role in supporting this ambition, with our work always rooted in a book or an author’s work. We create all our plays ourselves – from the script and music to the set design and costumes – and offer up to seven performances a day. We currently have an ensemble of 12 people who perform almost 1,600 shows a year. Our work is all about inspiring, sparking curiosity and revealing the magic between the pages.

Music at Junibacken

At Junibacken, there’s singing and music at every turn – with all the theatre performances, the garden orchestra and the sing-along sessions. We love making music – and we love it when you get involved!

You’ll find songs and music in all our shows, so you can simply take a seat and enjoy. We write practically all the words and music ourselves and we get a real thrill out of stimulating and inspiring our audience. Making music for children is not about making childish music. On the contrary. We create music that takes children seriously.

Pippi moves in

Pippi Moves In is performed by a children’s ensemble at Villa Villekulla, where we get to see Tommy and Annika meeting Pippi Longstocking for the very first time.

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