Why is K so crunchy? Can you bake from A to Z? Follow The Letter Bakery to find out!

The Letter Bakery is a fast-paced and improvisational play with the alphabet. We have been inspired by the Swedish TV series Tårtan and Jan Lööf’s classic ABC book and made a performance with a lot of music, letters and cooking joy! Together with the bakers, the children bake and sing an entire alphabet, and have fun all the way from dough to bun!

About the theater

During the summer, The letter bakery is the show that will be played if our theater “Scenes from a summer vacation” on the outdoor stage will be canceled due to weather. There is a limited number of seats for the theater. The entrance is in Snickerboa, the show is about 20 minutes long. Please note: that the show is in Swedish.

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