A whole lot of love and an awful lot of meatballs!

At Junibacken’s restaurant you can take a break between your adventures in the building to enjoy a fantasy world and craftsmanship in another form. Here we serve everything from new vegetarian favourites to home-made traditional food – including the children’s classics meatballs and pancakes! We use what raw products are in season, which means enjoying asparagus in May and chanterelles in the autumn. We are a sustainable restaurant in all sorts of ways and work actively towards making conscious choices. Local ingredients, certified organic, waste sorting and different ways of reducing waste are all a part of our philosophy. And we make really excellent food, of course!

Say hello to the baker!

Sandra Lagerkvist is our own master maker – she bakes all the bread, cakes and pastries for our bakery. We are delighted and proud to have our own bakery and set a lot of store by good ingredients and good craftsmanship. The carrot cake tends to disappear extremely quickly!

Special dietary requirements

We can provide milk- and gluten-free pancakes, milk- and egg-free pancakes and egg-, milk- and gluten-free meat balls. The cake counter also has cakes baked without milk, egg or gluten. Ask any of us who work here, and we’ll help you find the right thing for you.