A new world of excitement at Junibacken!

Hold on to your saws! Alma’s blue notebook has been opened up to a new world, a world full of excitement!  

Come and feel the excitement with our playful exhibition “Eeemil – Snickerboa hopp fallera”. Find your way through the firewood maze, play hide and seek (sssh… the rat hole has a good hiding place) and look at all the delicacies at the food stall. Bounce around on woodchips and sneak a peek into the carpenter’s bench. And if you’ve lost an adult, there are plenty of lookout points… 

Eeemil – Snickerboa hopp fallera

Entrance to the woodshop is through the bookstore



”Mischief isn’t planned, it just happens. And you won’t know it was mischief until after!”

If you get tired of being cooped up, there are at least two ways to escape. Would you like to know how? I thought so! Climb over the nettle pile from the woodshop to the storehouse, or go via the chimney… 

Emil turns 60!

Emil in Lönneberga turns 60 in 2023. This exhibition is part of the anniversary celebrations. Astrid Lindgren’s manifesto ”For children’s right to be children and for children’s right to play!” has been a guiding star in our work on the exhibition. 

“Emil’s mother wrote in the blue notebook until her arm ached, and finally the book became completely torn, both lengthwise and crosswise.”

Entrance to the woodshop is through the bookstore. The portal is a book, and not just any book – it’s the blue notebook of Alma, Emil’s mom. Step into a world of excitement! 

Don’t miss the Emil ice cream!

In addition to the lunch of the day, our restaurant offers both sweet drinks and the exclusive and delicious Emil ice cream! 

This exhibition is a collaboration with the ©Astrid Lindgren Company