Welcome to an enchanting Christmas evening!

Welcome to a fairy-tale Christmas table! Start your evening with The Story Train that takes you through Astrid Lindgren’s wonderful stories. Then, enjoy a warm mulled wine outside Villa Villekulla with one of the most spectacular views in all of Stockholm, followed by a well-prepared Christmas dinner in our circus restaurant. We can also offer dancing and a light supper until late into the evening.

Our version of the Christmas party is a Christmas dinner served at the table, as a three-course meal. The first part includes a selection of the very best from the Christmas party, followed by a larger main course. The finale is, of course, a magically delicious dessert.

Junibacken offers a unique, playful environment with unbeatable views of the Nybroviken waters and some of Stockholm’s most famous landmarks. It will truly be an unforgettable evening.

I just want to express my warmest thanks for a fantastic Christmas dinner. It was so nice and tasty. The best Christmas dinner we've been to!

Annika Alfsdotter – Svenska Kyrkan, Tyresö Församling
Julbord på Junibacken i Stockholm