The Alfie Atkins theater is one of Junibacken’s shortest shows of all time, barely ten minutes! But during that time, Alfons manages to both build a helicopter and land in the jungle! And finally…daddy is playing!

The show is about 10 minutes long and is included in the entrance fee. No ticket needed! Played in the Salongen for a few weeks.

By: Gunilla Bergström 
Script and director: Mikael Kallin 
Cast:  Emmelie Rosenberg/Sofia Pilesjö, David Krafft, Eric Rusch 
Scenography and costume: Junibacken’s studio 
Original music: Georg Riedel
Music production: Johan Arrhenius 

Aja baja, Alfie Atkins

Location: Salongen. No ticket needed!


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