Bena blir fulla med spring – Jumping beans

Junibacken in partnership with YouTube Kids

Children are like little jumping beans. They’re bursting with energy and never sit still. They take life at top speed, fired with a desire to explore the world around them. Children have a unique ability to be so full of life that every step is a bounce.

On 28 March 2019 we’re launching Jumping beans, a new play environment in partnership with YouTube Kids. Jumping beans will be part of the YouTube Kids launch in Sweden and aims to encourage togetherness and physical activity.

The new play environment introduces children and adults to Astrid Lindgren’s work with quotes, film clips and a set that fuels the imagination and inspires active play games. It offers the chance to become one of the characters from the books by running, jumping, dancing or balancing. The adventures include Emil sledging after his feast with the old people from the poorhouse, Mardie’s balancing act on the roof and Ronia and Birk’s leap over Hell’s Gap.


Welcome to Jumping beans – from Emil’s Småland to Ronia’s deep forests.