A warm welcome to a fun day at Junibacken! Here you book your entrance ticket with your value code from SAS Eurobonus.

How to use the value code

  1. Select date
  2. Enter your value code in the field “Enter your promocode”. At the bottom of the list, you can then select “Free ticket adult” or “Free ticket child”.
  3. Click on “Book”. If you have several value codes, you must add one ticket at a time to the shopping cart. You add a ticket and then click on “Add entrance ticket” and then enter the next code and so on.

How the ticket works

When you book your entrance ticket you choose the time you want to get to Junibacken. The time works as your entrance time, and you then have 30 minutes to show your ticket at the entrance. When you pre-buy your ticket, we reserve a place for you to ride The Story Train during the day. If you visit us during our most busy days, you will be assigned a time when you can line up for the ride. It can be a long wait during our most busy days.

We wish you a fun day here at Junibacken!

Pre-book theatre trickets

For a secured place for the performances, a pre-booked theater ticket is required (included in the entrance fee). You book it easily in connection with the purchase of an entrance ticket.