A wonderful Christmas

Theatre throughout the Christmas season, Astrid Lindgren’s magical Story Train, playful exhibitions and this winter’s big news: Aja Baja at Junibacken! Welcome to a Junibacken in full Christmas mode.

New: Dom som kallas vuxna

On the outside, adults look calm and ordinary, but what are they really like on the inside? Welcome to Dom som kallas vuxna – a theater performance for the whole family!

New: Aja baja at Junibacken!

Play in the true spirit of Alfie Atkins! Imagination knows no bounds and time melts away in our new exhibition Aja Baja at Junibacken, opening on December 22. Welcome!

Theatre for everyone! 

Every day during the Christmas season, the show Pippi Moves In will be performed, where we get to see Tommy and Annika meeting Pippi Longstocking for the very first time. 

Look! Pippi! is a puppet theater for 6-24 months old children and their adults, where you can accompany Pippi on the way to her new home. 

The Letter Bakery offers fast-paced and improvisational play where the children join the bakers to bake and sing out the entire alphabet! 

Experience Jan Lööf’s classic The Story of the Red Apple in a narrative theater performance filled with music. A fascinating and captivating time for the whole family! 

The slightly older children (from five years of age) will love the delightfully creepy show Skinn Skerping – the worst of all the ghosts in Småland, based on Astrid Lindgren’s short story of the same name.