Welcome to an enchanting Christmas evening!

Your evening with us will begin with a classic mingle in our fairy tale exhibitions, with mulled wine and gingerbread, followed by a ride on our Story train through Astrid Lindgren’s beloved stories. At the train’s terminus is our restaurant that serves a delicious Christmas dinner, in three servings. The first serving contains a selection of the best from the Swedish julbord, followed by a serving with a larger main course. To finish the evening, you will, of course, be presented a magically good dessert.

Junibacken offers a unique, playful environment with unbeatable views of the Nybroviken waters and some of Stockholm’s most famous landmarks. It will truly be an unforgettable evening.

Christmas menu

Upon arrival: mulled wine and gingerbread

First serving:

  • Soused herring from Norrrøna with chopped boiled egg, chives and browned butter
  • Pickled herring in a creamy dill and roe sauce on a crispy dark dark rye bread
  • Lightly smoked salmon with yellow beets and mustard
  • Hand-peeled shrimps in lemon mayonnaise with horseradish, dill and black pepper
  • Crispy croquette with confit duck and cognac simmered plums
  • Well-aged Svecia cheese with butter and bread

Second serving:

Fried hen with mushrooms from Hällestad, pickled onions, carrots, potato rösti with well-aged Svecia cheese and red wine sauce with black pepper and chives
Roasted cauliflower with grated truffles, crispy buckwheat, parmesan, sherry vinaigrette with shallots and black pepper and cauliflower cream and cress


Vanilla bavaroise flavored with punch, served with blueberry compote, almond biscuits and blueberry merengue