Daily Pippi theater performances, Astrid Lindgren’s magical Story Train, playful exhibitions and the biggest news this summer: Junibacken’s new garden that will be Sweden’s largest Moomin playground!

Sweden’s largest Moomin playground

Welcome out and play in Sweden’s largest Moomin playground! The garden is beautifully situated next to the water and a perfect place for both children and adults to enjoy and have fun together, all summer! The park features scenes from Tove Jansson’s books The Exploits of Moominpappa, Who will comfort Toffle? and Comet in Moominland.

Say hi to Moomin and Little My at Junibacken

Moomin and Little My will visit Junibacken this summer:
August 9: 10am-2pm

Pippi theatre several times a day

Throughout the summer holidays, the live performance Pippi Moves In will be performed by our children’s ensemble at Villa Villekulla. Take your whole family to see Tommy and Annikas first time meeting Pippi Longstocking, and pre-book your live performance tickets here!

Outdoor theater

This summer Jan Lööf’s classic The Story of the Red Apple will be performed at Junibacken. The performance takes place on our outdoor stage. Warmly welcome this summer!

The ice cream kiosk

Sweden’s ice-creamiest ice cream kiosk serves up everything you would possibly wish for on a lovely summer day. Open all summer from 11am to 4pm.

Watch the full movie

A magical summer day awaits!