Menu for family dinners in October

For children

Fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes, cream sauce wine sauce and carrot & sugar peas

Tons of small pancakes, vanilla ice cream, strawberry jam & whipped cream

For adults

Variation of Jerusalem artichoke with caviar of Kalix, peas, cress & chives

Beef with fried mushrooms från Hällestad, pickled carrots and shallots & red wine vinaigrette with black pepper & port wine
Roasted cauliflower with grated truffle, crispy buckwheat, parmesan, sherry vinaigrette with shallots & black pepper and cauliflower cream & chervil

Baked plums with vanilla cream, roasted white chocolate and crumble with almonds & browned butter

Allergies or special requests?

No problem! Let us know and we’ll make sure you get something fantastic to eat. No one has to leave with an empty stomach, we promise!