Menu for the family dinner on November 14

For the children

Fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes, red wine sauce and carrot & sugar peas

Tons of small pancakes, vanilla ice cream, strawberry jam & whipped cream

For the adults

Lightly sauteed & smoked scallop with puree of green peas, fried potatoes, lemon & leek vinaigrette together with elderberry marinated cucumber

Chicken from Bjäre with tarragon veloute, oven-baked carrot, pointed cabbage, butter-baked silver onion, crispy black cabbage and truffle mashed potatoes

White chocolate cheesecake, made on oats flavored with browned butter served with blueberry compote, lemon curd & blueberry meringues

Allergies or special requests?

No problem! Let us know and we’ll make sure you get something fantastic to eat. No one has to leave with an empty stomach, we promise!