Welcome to celebrate Junibacken’s 25 years!

Welcome to celebrate Junibacken’s 25 years! The party is free for all children and all our guests are served cake. All exhibitions and The Story Train are open and there will be a lot of other fun activities. You also get a 25% discount on all books in our bookstore (not items on sale).

This is how the ticket works

The time you choose is your entrance time, which is valid for 30 minutes. Do you choose entry time at 11, you should enter between 11.00 and 11.30. Visting time will be limited to three hours, in order to let as many guests as possible join our celebration this day. This means that you can stay at the party until 14.00 if you have admission time at. 11.00. Junibacken closes at 18 this party day.

Welcome to the birthday party!

Junibacken's 25th anniversary

June 8, 2021

Open 11-18

Everyone who visits is amazed that something like this exists, and I cannot think of any other children’s museum that even approaches what you have achieved at Junibacken.

Astrid Lindgren in a letter to Marit Törnqvist, February 4, 1997

The story of Junibacken …

… starts with Astrid Lindgren. The first time she heard about the project she thought it was a nice idea and all that, but she didn’t want to have anything to do with any kind of “Astrid Lindgren’s house”. A place where other authors of children’s books and illustrators could be showcased and could inspire others, however, that was something else – that was fine. And that is how it turned out. Staffan Götestam, who presented the idea to Astrid, was already thinking along the same lines: “I wanted to create a cultural centre for both children and adults. Not an old-fashioned, stuffy institution, but something innovative, full of life and content, and exciting!”