Christmas at Junibacken

Experience the most fabulous Christmas at Junibacken! Get into the Christmas spirit among the decorations and the delicious smell of Christmas cakes and pastries. Shop for unique Christmas presents in the bookshop and take the Storybook Train over a snowy Lönneberga. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without the traditional theatre performance of Findus at Christmas, would it?

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Pettson has hurt his foot and can neither shop for Christmas food nor chop down a Christmas tree! Findus is wondering whether there will be Christmas at all when suddenly there’s a knock at the door … Who could it be? As tradition dictates, Junibacken is putting on a performance of Findus at Christmas for the fifth year in a row. (Note: The play will be performed in Swedish.)

The bookshop
Sweden’s largest children’s bookshop has a huge selection of gifts to choose from to suit all tastes and ages. And, of course, we’ll wrap them for you in our gorgeous Christmas paper – a perfect hit under the Christmas tree! We have masses of titles in other languages besides Swedish, everything from Astrid Lindgren’s classics to recently written favourites by Swedish authors and illustrators. Our dedicated staff will be delighted to share some of their best Christmas gift recommendations with you.
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The restaurant
Our restaurant serves cakes and pastries with the flavours of Christmas. We’ve even heard a rumour that there might be saffron cake and Father Christmas cupcakes to be had …
Find more information about our restaurant here.

A warm welcome to everyone, and above all – Merry Christmas!