For children

Fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, carrots and sugar snap peas

Tons of small pancakes, vanilla ice cream, strawberry jam and whipped cream

For adults


Boiled pikeperch with peas, broccoli, sourdough croutons and roe vinaigrette flavored with lemon and black pepper

Main course

Sauteed veal tenderloin with lightly dried tomatoes, tarragon, baked corn, spinach and red wine sauce flavored with sherry vinegar


Sauteed cabbage with white beans in tomato vinaigrette and baked corn, lightly dried tomatoes and tarragon


Chocolate bavaroise with vanilla ice cream, fresh raspberries and pistachios

Allergies or special diet?

Please send us an email ahead of your visit to and we will be sure to whip something up!