Make it a fairy tale summer

See our play Pippi flyttar in, ride the Story Train and unleash your imagination in our fun building.

Take the Story Train into the magical world of Astrid Lindgren. Hop off at Pippi’s House where Pippi will be moving in this summer. In our play, Pippi moves in, performed by a children’s ensemble, you get to see Tommy and Annika’s first, amazing encounter with Pippi Longstocking.

Our lovely gardens were made for games or enjoying an ice cream. And the fairy-tale open-air theatre is the perfect setting for singing and playing

music with our ensemble in Astrids bästa band. After that, it’s time to explore Barbro Lindgren’s world with Loranga, the Wild Baby, Sam and all her other characters.

Housing the interactive exhibition ”Who builds it up, who knocks it down”, our new room, Salongen, is packed to the brim with thousands of building blocks and we invite you to create, build and knock it all down again.


And after that you’ll want to go round again. And again…

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