Barbro Lindgren at Junibacken

Discover the magic between the pages. Children’s author Barbro Lindgren’s whimsical characters come to life at Junibacken. Meet the Wild Baby, Sam and Loranga in their own storybook world. Play, listen and watch – then continue the adventure at home with the beloved books!

Loranga, Sam, The Wild Baby and Dollan

You meet a newly created world in which everything is built up around experience. Go on a visit to the country of Barnhans, become the Wild Baby, arrange the furniture in Dollan’s doll’s house, feel the challenge of Loranga’s obstacle course and play in Sam’s corner. Immerse yourself in the world of Barbro’s children’s books and face questions of freedom, life and death, viewed from a child’s perspective. Ask yourself: “What are we living for?”.

Books to stimulate the desire to read

We want to use Barbro Lindgren’s books and storybook characters as inspiration to stimulate reading in both children and adults. We hope that many visitors to Barbro Lindgren at Junibacken will come to understand Barbro’s greatness, and that of her books and characters. To understand that she is an important example to follow – a free-spirited rebel who is always one step ahead.

Sparvel – what it’s like to be a child

The play “Sparvel” is being performed during the exhibition. It describes how perfectly straightforward – and completely confusing – the world can be for a child.

The play is based on Barbro’s autobiographical series of books about Little Sparvel. How wonderful it is to be five years old. But it can also be terrible. Sometimes. And our performance of Sparvel is just like that. Up and down, here and there. Just like real life.

More information about the person Barbro Lindgren, her background and her work.

Photographs from Barbro’s world at Junibacken

Barbro Lindgren

"What you write for children, it must be even better than what you write for adults, if it’s going to be really good. My books are brought to life at Junibacken and visitors can experience them in a completely new form.”"

Barbro Lindgren